Looking for a BMX bike for my son who is 12 and about 5 feet tall. He wants one to take to the skate park. Thanks!
Looking for an outdoor kiddie pool for my toddler to enjoy this summer. Would love one with a built-in mini-slide. Thanks!
The bears destroyed our previous bin. Now we have a solution that will stop them getting in the bin. 3' with a tight lid needed
looking for an accordion style wooden baby or dog gate thats easy to open and close in order to separate my cat (upstairs) from my landlord's dogs downstairs) thanx everyone
Looking for any magazines from the 1980s that have to do with fashion/style/hair/pop culture for a theatre production. Thank you!
I'm looking for the following items for my December wedding. This is a second marriage for us both and we have 9 children between us so we're doing a lot of things ourselves. Thanks in advance! *water pitchers *beverage dispensers *LED tealights *vellum paper *serving spoons and trays *glass cake plate *flower arranging materials (floral tape, wire, corsage pins,...) Anything else people can th...
Our baby monitor just broke and we need one that works. Please if you have one that you are not using consider donating it to us. Thank you for your time, Steve
I'm looking for some old CDs to make into a mosaic. Scratched up is fine. Thanks!
We are moving soon and I need boxes, especially smaller boxes for books and dishes. I can pick up!
Looking for one or two working air conditioners as I m moving to a place that doesn t have central air
Hello all, I'm in need of a twin bed (mattress, box spring,frame-clean and smoke-free) for a guest who's coming late next week. Would also be interested in any bunk/trundle/futon beds we could use to maximize available space, since it's a small house. I will need to coordinate pick-up with my friend who has a pick-up truck. If you've got anything lying around, please let me know and I'll be gla...
Hello all, My wife and I are in need of Buffet table for our house. Please let me know if you have one laying around in your garage/storage that you don't want or need anymore. I plan on painting it with Chalk paint so aesthetics/condition is not very important. Please send a picture of what you have. Thank you for your time, -Steve
Hello, My wife and I are starting to coupon to save some money since our baby boy was born. We have some apps on our phones Ibotta etc. but we have been having issues finding coupon inserts from Sunday Papers. Does anyone know of a local place in Charlottesville where we could score some free coupon inserts? Thank you for reading, Steve&Melissa